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Hihi~~! [Sep. 24th, 2004|11:17 am]

hello there!


I thought I should update my entry. I don't blog here. I blog HERE @ sushi-cat.net! If you like you can read my original September 2004 entry here

september 2004 entryCollapse )

Many things are the same, but here we go anyway!....

Japanese Fashion

I'd have to still say my #1 obsession is collecting Japanese magazines. Mainly fashion magazines. I am currently getting them from a local Japanese bookstore and my favs include

Also love CanCam, Zipper, CUTiE, MORE, JJ, Egg, and so on including NEKO and random hair magazines!! The clothes, the hair, the make-up.... I LOVE it all!

lomography & zakka

I've always loved taking snapshots. From my Polaroid Captiva I had when I was 8 to my now LOMO Fisheye and digital cam. I love taking quick snaps to lock in a nostalgic memory. Usually scenery. I group this with zakka because I think they are one in the same almost. I love zakka style decor and home decorating.


the rest

I adore kitties (lolcats!), hot teas, onsen powders, knitting, letter writing with cute stationery from Kamio, CRUX, Q-Lia, MINDWAVE, Rinka, Miho Tanaka, EMI.

Feel free to add me still! I try to stay active in communities and I keep up with my friends page!
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